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archs need fixing

As you might have seen, I've broken all archs beside x86 and x86-64. Arch maintainers need to do the following things:

- break out the PLT lookup trampolines from dl-machine.h and put
  them in a separate file dl-trampoline.S

- <bits/link.h> must be defined.  Look at the x86/x86-64 variants.
  The structures must contain enough information to get to all function
  parameters and all function results.

This should get things compiling again.

The next step is to extend the _dl_profile_fixup trampoline to pass additional parameters to _dl_profile_fixup. The code must construct the structures in <bits/link.h>. Also, _dl_call_pltexit must be called. It's not much code that needs to be added, but it's tricky. ldsodefs.h needs to get the appropriate function definitions.

tst-audit1 is a basic test. You need to add the arch-specific functions there.

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