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Re: INTERNAL_SYSCALL and function calls in arguments

Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> Thorsten Kukuk <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> sched_setaffinity has the following code:
>> INTERNAL_SYSCALL (sched_getaffinity, err, 3, getpid(), psize, p)
> Here is a patch to fix the INTERNAL_SYSCALL macro for x86_64 and ia64.
> The definition on arm is probably also affected, but I can't test it.

The x86-64 version is ok.  The question is just whether we want to go
this road - or fix sched_getaffinity instead.  I consider it safer to

But we should check all other platforms, a brief look shows:
- m68k, x86 are ok
- x86-64, ia64: Fixed with your patch
- arm: Might need changes
- s390, s390x: Look also broken.
- ppc,ppc64, sparc, alpha, sh, mips, hppa, : Might need changes

 Andreas Jaeger,,
  SuSE Linux AG, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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