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Re: [PATCH] long double IEEE double -> quad switch

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 12:06:32PM -0500, Steve Munroe wrote:
> Have you made any more progress on this? We are all waiting for this to be 
> resolved.

Not yet, will do after Easter.

> You mention ldbl-128ibm/ and ldbl-64-128ibm/ what do you see as the 
> difference?

Similarly to ldbl-128 and ldbl-64-128.  The former is a directory with
support for IEEE quad long double (ldbl-128ibm would be for IBM 2xdouble
long double format), the latter contains wrappers around dbl-64 and
ldbl-128* functions so that both sizeof (double) == sizeof (long double)
and sizeof (double) < sizeof (long double) is supported.

> I also see an opportunity to improve the double implementations for 
> 64-bit. Should we add dbl-64-64(sp?) where the code assumes 64-bit 
> registers for the (long) integer bit manipulation. This should be 
> generally useful beyond powerpc64.

That should be dbl-64/wordsize-64 subdir instead IMHO.


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