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Re: [PATCH] Avoid downloading whole NIS{,service}name for getservby{name,port}{,_r} (, NULL)

On Tue, Mar 30, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Only lightly tested so far.
> > It is not neccessary to download, allocate and copy whole services
> > map and then search through it.
> > Instead, we can search already in the foreach callback and if we find
> > something tell the caller we don't need further input.
> > 
> > BTW: __xdr_ypresp_all uses the foreach callback return value as
> > 0 -> need further data, != 0 break the loop.
> > But saveit callbacks I see return 0 when further data should be
> > examined and YP_FALSE (== 0) on error (e.g. memory failures).
> > This certainly doesn't sound right.
> There are two wrong checks:
>   if (instatus != YP_TRUE)
>     return instatus;
> and
>       if (newp == NULL)
>         return YP_FALSE; /* We have no error code for out of memory */
> are both wrong. I will look later at it and try to fix it.
> Seems I mixed the instatus and with the return value of the foreach
> function.

Attached is a patch to solve the problem. In error case, return
value should always be "1".

Thorsten Kukuk
SuSE Linux AG        Maxfeldstr. 5                 D-90409 Nuernberg
Key fingerprint = A368 676B 5E1B 3E46 CFCE  2D97 F8FD 4E23 56C6 FB4B

Attachment: glibc-2.3.3-nss_nis-return-code.diff
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