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Re: [Fwd: Memory violation in init on ARM Linux. in glibcmainline...]

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 17:08, Scott Bambrough wrote:
> The BFD patches would be be a great help.  BTW, is there a version of
> binutils that is known to work?

Okay, I'll dig them out later this evening.  I don't know of any version
of binutils that handles this stuff correctly, though you may be able to
get a working build by using an older version that doesn't even attempt
to support combreloc.  (Or, perhaps easier, by hacking the glibc
configure script to not use it.)

I think I was also running into another bug that was causing the program
headers to get damaged somehow.  This seemed unrelated to the first
problem, though I don't remember the details offhand.

Either or both of these issues might be fixed already in the trunk; I
think Daniel Jacobowitz had some patches for the ARM backend a couple of
weeks ago.  If I get time over the next few days I will try to find out
what the current status is.


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