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glibc headers and C++


glibc manual speaks about [nh]to[hn][ls] as functions, but the following
snippet which should be thus perfectly legal C++ is not compiled with -O and
higher, unless one uses (htonl) (256), because htonl is then macro expanded
into a statement expression which is not valid outside of function body.

#include <netinet/in.h>
unsigned int i = htonl (256);

I see 4 possible solutions: 
1) ifndef __cplusplus out all problematic statement expression macros in
glibc public headers
2) as 1) but add alternate definitions as inline functions for C++
3) turn stmt expression macros into inline functions for C as well (of
course, where possible)
4) hack C++ so that it accepts statement expressions in initializers (by
either turning them into some internal functions or expanding them within
__static_initializers_and_constructors or how is that function called).

What do you think?


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