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Re: RFC: NSS prototypes

Thorsten Kukuk <> writes:

> No, our SunRPC implementation is not multi-thread safe. So NIS
> cannot be multi-threaded, too. In the moment all NSS NIS functions
> have a global lock.

This is not what I mean by multi-threaded.  Concurrent execution of
the same code in multiple threads is fine but not necessary.  But it
should be possible to use the innetgr() function in one thread and
getnetgrent() in another.  This is at least what is generally allowed
and implemented (also for files-netgrp).  From what I've seen the
nis-netgr code won't allow this since the cursor is global.

If this information could be moved in the struct __netgrent structure
at least the case I mentioned will work.

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