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I think we should consider having a 2.2.1 release sometime soon.
Quite a few problems were fixed and I think the code is still very
stable (means not many test releases).  I'm only aware of the thread
issues outstanding.  I've looked at the code Wolfram sent but cannot
convince myself that it is correct.  I'll have to study it more

Starting tomorrow I'll be gone for a couple of days.  Don't expect me
to react on anything, I'll hardly read mail.  Once I'm back I'll
hopefully figure out the thread stuff (unless somebody else beats me)
and will make a pre1 release (hopefully before the end of the

If you find anything missing (not in new features like HJ's size
reduction size) tell me now.

---------------.                          ,-.   1325 Chesapeake Terrace
Ulrich Drepper  \    ,-------------------'   \  Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
Red Hat          `--' drepper at   `------------------------

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