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weak handling

I just checked in a patch which brings the handling of weak
definitions at runtime in line with the official[*] ELF
interpretation.  That is weak symbol definitions are treated like
normal definitions during dynamic linking.  The weak attribute is only
used in the static linker (and for references).

This came up some time ago during the ELF discussions HJ and I are
participating in.  I cannot think of a program which would have
problems because of this change.  In case there is one the user can
switch back to the old behaviour by having LD_DYNAMIC_WEAK in the

The reason I've made this change is not really to be more conformant
(it's nice but no reason since nobody complained about the old
behaviour).  The real reason is that some more features (like lazy
loading) depend on this interpretation of weak definitions.

If you have or see problems with this let me know.

[*] Official == SysVr4.  Solaris, SCO and derived Unices interpret it
this way.  Irix incidently treats it like we did.

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Ulrich Drepper  \    ,-------------------'   \  Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
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