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Re: Problem with conformance test and header files inclusion for ./include/sys/poll.h

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your very prompt reply.

> On Fri, 1 Nov 2019, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
> > This seems to be caused by adding 
> > 
> > # include <time.h>     (or even #include <include/time.h>)   [*]
> > # include <signal.h>   (or even #include <include/signal.h>) [*]  
> Everything in an include/ header other than the include of the 
> corresponding public header needs to be inside "#ifndef _ISOMAC".

And now the penny dropped ... Yes, those #includes were not "protected"
with #ifndef _ISOMAC. After moving them in the proper place the
conformance tests pass.

> > [****] - A bit off topic: What is the purpose of -D_ISOMAC define?
> > It can be found in glibc's sources in several places (e.g. # ifndef
> > _ISOMAC).   
> The purpose is to cause the include/ header wrappers to define only
> what the installed headers would define, not anything internal to
> glibc.  This is used by most tests (all except those in
> tests-internal), including the header conformance ones.

I must admit that I've spent some time on understanding _ISOMAC, but I
did not found much about it in the manual.

Why it is called _ISOMAC? (My first thought was about some MAC specific
stuff ... )

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


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