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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

On 18/10/19 10:13 am, Richard Stallman wrote:
>   > He is still correct, you did not appoint him.
> Did I say his statement was literally incorrect?  No.
> My point was that it doesn't mean he is independent.
> I did not appoint him directly.  I directly appoint only
> package maintainers, who are then responsible directly to me.
> Rather, the package maintainers of GNU libc recruited him to do
> some of the work.  He is supposed to be responsible to them.
>   > > Apparently an unfortunate miscommunication happened in your case.
>   > I don't think there was any miscommunication. Would you care to expand
>   > on exactly what was miscommunicated?
> Apparently it was not explained to him that he was responsible to
> the package maintainers who were responsible to me.

You missed the tone and context of my statement; it has less to do with
my understanding of the GNU project hierarchy* and more to do with how I
see my contribution to the project.  My response was an attempt to bring
forward the fact that a number of us in the GNU project continue
contributing to the project not because of your involvement but despite it.


* I've been contributing to GNU projects for a little less than a decade
so presuming that I don't understand is frankly a bit patronizing.

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