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ELF destructor order vs constructor order

Suppose that the constructors for object A run before the constructors
for object B.  (For the following, it does not matter how A and B were

Should it be possible that as the result of a dlclose call (or process
termination), the destructors for A also run before the destructors for
B?  Or should the destructors always run in the reverse order of
construction (assuming they happen during the same dlclose call)?

I think the answer should be that the reverse order is used.

We have a downstream report where a developer points out that they
perceive the destructor order more or less as random (in #1133521,
unfortunately not a public bug).  The reason is that the C++ compiler
tends to vary its emitted symbols with optimization settings and code
changes, and the dependencies recorded during lazy binding currently end
up changing the destructor order.

I think we should disregard the dynamic dependency information and
always perform the destructor calls in reverse order of the constructor
calls (for the objects that are about to be unloaded).



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