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rseq enablement patches overview

Since my patchwork looks rather horrible right now and I posted a bunch
of vaguely-related cleanups first, here are the patches that currently
need review for rseq enablement:

  Introduce <elf_machine_sym_no_match.h>

    This is needed in the implementation of _dl_lookup_direct in the
    next patch.

  Implement __libc_early_init

    This is the main patch.  rseq should be hooked into
    __libc_early_init, around the __ctype_init call.

  nptl: Start new threads with all signals blocked [BZ #25098]

    This is a long-standing issue which will affect rseq as well.

  resolv/tst-idna_name_classify: Isolate from system libraries

    This is required to fix a test suite failure due to the static
    link ABI changing in the __libc_early_init patch.  (I should
    probably just push this one.)

In particular, none of the RELRO patches and their dependencies are
needed anymore.

The built-in system call tables are still missing, but we can implement
rseq in master before that set of changes lands.  The new tables should
be transparent to the code.  The syscall are only relevant for the
release because we want to tell users that if they build glibc 2.31,
that glibc will have rseq support on a certain set of architectures
(independently of the kernel headers being used).


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