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Re: Language code changes over time: zh_CN -> zh_Hans

Florian Weimer <> さんはかきました:

> * Jean-Baptiste Holcroft:
>> the Fedora community is migrating to the Weblate translation platform.
>> This translation platform uses zh_Hans, zh_Hant, zh_Hant_HK by
>> default, instead of zh_CN, zh_TW and zh_HK.
> Is zh_Hant_HK perhaps a typo?

No, Hant is the script (traditional Chinese, similar to Latn in
sr-Latn-RS). Traditional Chinese is correct for HK, simplified
would be used in zh_Hans_CN and zh_Hans_SG.

> Written as-is, that's going to be
> problematic.  We had some bugs specific to the eo locale because its
> name does not have an underscore in it.

> I'm not sure if the language tag syntax is actually compatible with our
> locale names.  For example, we write sr-Latn-RS (mentioned in RFC 5646)
> as sr_RS@latin.

I am not sure either.

> We have an aliasing mechanism, so we don't need to store the locale data
> several times over, so that part shouldn't be a problem.

> | Where possible, use the codes zh-Hans and zh-Hant to refer to Simplified
> | and Traditional Chinese, respectively. more...
> And the “more...” link goes to:
> <>
> which is dead.  This isn't very reassuring.

Mike FABIAN <>

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