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Re: [PATCH] Move ChangeLog to ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.19

* Joseph Myers:

> On Wed, 9 Oct 2019, Gabriel F. T. Gomes wrote:
>> I support this change and the stop of manually-written ChangeLog
>> entries when this patch lands as a commit in the repository.  Taking into
>> account what Joseph raised in a different thread [1], I suppose that such
>> commit could be documented as the beginning of the range for automatic
>> ChangeLog generation *for this specific cycle*, where both manually and
>> automatically generated ChangeLog entries will coexist.  For future
>> cycles, I don't know how to document it.
> My expectation for would be that the automatic ChangeLog generation is 
> always the last one before tagging and branching (so for future cycles 
> it's run for commits from the last release tag up to HEAD at that point, 
> whereas for this cycle the starting commit would be the point at which we 
> renamed the manually written ChangeLog, not the previous release tag).

We are debating off-list whether you are in favor of renaming the
ChangeLog *now*, or want to delay that to a future date.  Would you
please clarify?


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