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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

On 10/10/19 10:26 pm, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> ?!?  I think you're just showing how impossible it is to hold a sane
> conversation surrounding this topic at this time.
> See, you claimed censorship was not in the GNU charter, and that the
> stance against censorship was somehow coming from the FSF.
> I explained that your assumption was mistaken, that free speech is
> actually encompassed by the four software freedoms that the Free
> Software Movement, GNU and FSF all promote and defend.
> Instead of realizing that the statement only countered your mistaken
> attribution of the anti-censorship position exclusively to the FSF, you
> appear to mistake that as intended to support my objection to the patch.
> It would indeed support an objection to the patch, but that's not the
> context in which I presented the argument.

No I did not interpret it as a defense of the patch, I understood (and
rejected) the idea that the GNU manifesto and software freedoms
*actually* talks about privacy.

> My objection to the patch is based on the understanding that
> conversation about this topic at this time is not possible, because of
> the already inflamed moods and the inflammatory topics surrounding the
> patch. 

It is no longer about the patch, it probably never was for me because I
don't have the American context of abortion rights.  For me it is about
your manipulative and frustrating arguments, overreach and your
wonderful ability to hold the community hostage and at the same time act
like you're the victim.

I am done engaging with you because there's only so much that a vacation
can heal.


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