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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:
> you really think the time to hold a rational and sane debate is one in
> which some people are scared to be beaten up for holding controversial
> opinions that are not in line with that of the lynching mob, while
> others have already been beaten up for speaking their minds?

Wow, this is even more radical than usual from you.  Please refrain from
calling your co-hackers a "lynching mob".  Be kind!

As for the debate, there wasn't one.  The patch was posted with
technical reasons backing it, and so far all active maintainers have
+1'd it, some adding further technical reasons for it.  I have seen no
dissenting technical reasons, and the politics to which you refer
weren't even mentioned until you and RMS brought it up.

If you have technical reasons to oppose this patch, please present them
with the same calm detached professionalism we all expect from each
other, and join the discussion so we can reach consensus as per our
usual rules.

If you do not have a technical objection to this patch, please refrain
from adding politics and emotion into a technical discussion.

And nobody is beating up anybody.  I've been beaten up before, and
nothing like that is happening now.

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