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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 1:32 PM Florian Weimer <> wrote:
> This reinstates commit 340d9652b9d0e1d4136588f18b726662d195777c
> ("manual/startup.texi (Aborting a Program): Remove inappropriate
> joke."), effectively reverting the revert in commit
> ffa81c22a3ac0fb75ad9bf2b1c3cdbf9eafa0bc9 ("Revert:").
> 2019-10-07  Florian Weimer  <>
>         * manual/startup.texi (Aborting a Program): Remove warning.

As the person who committed 340d9652b9d0e1d4136588f18b726662d195777c
in the first place, I endorse its reinstatement.

I wish to say for the record that I think the overrule of the glibc
maintainers' original decision, exercised by RMS in the lengthy thread
last May (representative message:
<>), was an
illegitimate use of authority, REGARDLESS of whether he is to continue
as "Chief GNUisance" in the future, or whether the GNU Project should
have a person empowered to make such unilateral overruling decisions.
As the original author of the text in question he has a conflict of
interest and he should have either accepted the decision of the
maintainers or referred the issue to someone both sides could agree
would act as a neutral arbiter.

Because it was an illegitimate act, we should not consider ourselves
bound by it.


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