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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

On Tue, 8 Oct 2019, Florian Weimer wrote:

> You said repeatedly that you are still in charge in the GNU project, and
> that GNU is not a democracy.  So this should really be simple.  Just say
> you want the warning gone, and it will be gone.  Or you tell us you want
> to keep it.

And if Richard wants it kept, I consider that just a previous maintainer's 
view to be considered by the maintainers.  This is not a difficult 
question about the exact boundaries of when it is appropriate for GNU to 
intervene in decisions made by individual package maintainers; it's a case 
for which it's extremely clear-cut that it's properly within the scope of 
package maintainers to make the final decision and would be improper for 
GNU to attempt to overrule such a decision.  The precise boundaries of 
appropriate intervention in individual packages may be worth considering 
elsewhere, but that's not relevant for this case.

Joseph S. Myers

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