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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

* Richard Stallman:

> Before deciding this question, there are several questions, more basic
> and general, that we need to tackle first.  The answers to them will
> be the basis for this specific decision.
> We have addressed three or four of them.  Perhaps only one remains.
> With the current disturbance, this is not the time to discuss it.
> But we should be able to take it up in a few months.  Then we could
> decide this question.

There is always some excuse.  We have waited for more than a year.

You said repeatedly that you are still in charge in the GNU project, and
that GNU is not a democracy.  So this should really be simple.  Just say
you want the warning gone, and it will be gone.  Or you tell us you want
to keep it.

What is so difficult about this?

> Unless, that is, Republicans impose a decision on us before then.
> At the rate things are going, it wouldn't surprise me.  ;-{.

This has nothing to do with U.S. politics.  Not everything revolves
around the USA.  We ended up with this problem on our own.


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