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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

On Tue, 8 Oct 2019, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Before deciding this question, there are several questions, more basic
> and general, that we need to tackle first.  The answers to them will
> be the basis for this specific decision.

I think the conclusion is clear based on the answers so far; the further 
general discussions might help answer other questions, but they are not 
needed for this one.

This is not a tricky technical design question where the choice of an 
interface now will affect large amounts of code built on top of it and we 
need to take care to avoid choosing an interface that will be hard to 
maintain compatibly in future, or to avoid an interface that doesn't 
properly achieve its goals and will need a new interface added while 
keeping the old one around as well.  Nothing else depends on the details 
of which particular jokes are in the manual.  The glibc maintainers have 
plenty of information in the past discussions to come to a conclusion now 
on this issue.

For example, I think this case is clear enough that we don't need to 
restart the discussion of general principles around when it is or is not 
appropriate for current package maintainers to change decisions made by 
previous maintainers in order to reach a conclusion to apply to this case, 
even if that discussion might be helpful in other such less clear cases in 

Joseph S. Myers

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