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[PATCH v2] Make tst-strftime2 depend on locale generation

On Tue, 08 Oct 2019, Florian Weimer wrote:
>Doesn't tst-strftime3 have the same problem?  Looks good otherwise.

On Tue, 08 Oct 2019, Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho wrote:
>Likewise for tst-strftime3.out ?
>I've never seen an error there, but the test does depend on locales too.

Yes, you are right.  I haven't noticed a problem because these test may
get the locale from the system and the locale from the system I'm testing
on was good/new enough for tst-strftime3 (but not for tst-strftime2).

With the system locales deleted/inaccessible, both tests may fail before
v1 of this patch.  The following version solves the problem for both
tst-strftime2 and tst-strftime3, as well as it adds a ChangeLog entry.

Is the following patch OK for master?

From 083391d58262b045f39c59253dfb3f60e80a4531 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: "Gabriel F. T. Gomes" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 14:32:17 -0300
Subject: [PATCH v2] Make tst-strftime2 and tst-strftime3 depend on locale

Building the test cases in parallel might make tst-strftime2 and
tst-strftime3 fail.  Simply re-running the test case (or building
serially) makes the problem go away.  This patch adds the necessary
dependency to allow parallel builds in the time subdirectory.

Tested for powerpc64le.

	* Makefile: Fix locale dependency for a couple of tests.
	($(objpfx)tst-strftime2.out): New rule.
	($(objpfx)tst-strftime3.out): Likewise.

Reviewed-by: Florian Weimer <>
Reviewed-by: Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho <>
 time/Makefile | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/time/Makefile b/time/Makefile
index b9217992a6..ad8844ea34 100644
--- a/time/Makefile
+++ b/time/Makefile
@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ include ../
 $(objpfx)tst-ftime_l.out: $(gen-locales)
 $(objpfx)tst-strptime.out: $(gen-locales)
+$(objpfx)tst-strftime2.out: $(gen-locales)
+$(objpfx)tst-strftime3.out: $(gen-locales)
 tz-cflags = -DTZDIR='"$(zonedir)"' \

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