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Re: [PATCH] locale/ Greek -> ASCII transliteration table [BZ #12031]

Carlos, Rafal,

here is another patch for ASCII transliteration bug [BZ #12031], this time for Greek.

You were instrumental in getting the other patch for the transliteration 

[BZ #2872] approved. So I want to make you aware of this patch. 

Just to make sure, it has nothing to do with Cyrillics. 

It is entirely Greek -> ASCII transliteration table. Yet it has exact same structure 

as [BZ #2872]. So it is only logical if you two could just re-run the same tests you 

did for [BZ #2872].

Given it is Greek there may be other considerations as well of course. Happy to hear 

on this from anyone else any time.

Best regards,

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On Wednesday, September 4, 2019 9:31 AM, Diego (Egor) Kobylkin <> wrote:

> Dear locale maintainers,

> fix the glibc bug 12031 "iconv -t ascii//translit with Greek characters" [1]
> add Greek transliteration rows to locale/

> This work is done on the heels of the successfully committed patch for the
> virtually the same bug [BZ #2872] but concerning Cyrillic characters. [2]

> AFAIK there are many versions of transcription tables for Greek to ASCII
> transcription. Given that current iconv logic can only translit one to many
> but not many to many symbols we take the "Standard" part of
> the Romanization_of_Greek#Modern_Greek table [3]

> and only keep the one letter Greek graphems. That "standard" seems to be close to
> the ELOT 743 indeed but not the same.

> So we omit things like M and Μπ being transliterated as M and B accordingly.
> Rather Μπ will be treated like two separate graphems and transliterated as Mp.

> Here is the list of some standards I have collected so far. There doesn't seem
> a way to harmonize them all into one. But if anyone want to propose a solution -
> please do.

> -   ΕΛΟΤ 743 Passports.
> -   ISO 843
> -   ALA-LC Book titles.
> -   BGN/PCGN
> - Geographical names.

>     Furthermore to cover the whole U0370-U03FF Greek/Coptic Unicode range I have
>     asked around and made a best effort transliteration for the rest of characters
>     not covered in above standards.

>     Should you have better sources for the actual translit entries please make sure to
>     send your feedback!

>     The patch is attached.

>     Best regards,
>     Egor Kobylkin

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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