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Re: [PATCH] manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function

I support this change, as removing something that has been confusing in 
practice to readers of the manual and does not in any way benefit those 
users in understanding the GNU C Library functionality.  While humor is 
explicitly accepted in GNU, it is also explicitly not required, and in 
this particular instance it has proven actively unhelpful.  Similarly, 
while "It is ok to refer once in a rare while to spatially or temporally 
localized reference points or facts, if it is directly pertinent or as an 
aside.", in this particular case it impedes understanding of the technical 
content for readers without the relevant cultural reference points to 
understand that it is intended as humorous content rather than information 
about the abort function.  Finally, the original reasons for inclusion of 
this joke have been thoroughly explored in previous discussions, and so 
the current glibc maintainers have all the information needed about those 
reasons to take into account in a decision to override a 1992 decision of 
a previous maintainer to include it at that time.

Joseph S. Myers

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