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Re: [PATCH v2 1/5] mips: Do not malloc on getdents64 fallback

* Adhemerval Zanella:

> +#define copy_field(dst, src)			\
> +  ({						\
> +     typeof (src) _src;				\
> +     memcpy (&_src, &(src), sizeof (src));	\
> +     typeof (dst) _dst = _src;			\
> +     memcpy (&(dst), &_dst, sizeof (dst));	\
> +  })
> +
> +      copy_field (dp->d_ino, kdp->d_ino);
> +      copy_field (dp->d_off, kdp->d_off);
> +      copy_field (last_offset, kdp->d_off);
> +      copy_field (dp->d_reclen, new_reclen);
>        dp->d_type = *((char *) kdp + kdp->d_reclen - 1);

I believe this still asserts the dynamic type of *dp, which is not what
we want.  The truly portable way probably involves using offsetof and
not -> dereferencing. 8-(

Considering that, I would probably drop copy_field, compile the file
with -fno-strict-aliasing, and add a comment to the (now plain
assignments) that this is okay due to -fno-strict-aliasing.

But this is really up to you, I do not want to discuss this patch to


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