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Re: When can we stop writing ChangeLogs?

* Siddhesh Poyarekar:

> On 30/09/19 2:36 pm, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> I'm looking for something far simpler here—a script that submitters and
>> reviewers can run to see what's going to be committed, and some level of
>> project consensus that this is how patches should be posted.
> What kind of scripting are you thinking of?  pwclient should be able to
> download a patch from patchwork and apply it, giving you an indication
> of what a patch is going to look like.

The patch isn't the problem.  It's the commit subject, author and commit
message that I'm after.

If people are happy with “git am -3” being the gold standard (although I
find it pretty horrible how it refuses to do things and then requires
you to run “git am --abort” manually), I can adapt.  But I think we need
to define a reference tool.  Any tool will do (within reason), but as I
said, we need some level of consensus.  And brief documentation how to
produce matching mail messages, ideally.


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