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Re: [PATCH v4] Add helper script for glibc debugging

Hi, Arjun,

On Mon, 30 Sep 2019, Arjun Shankar wrote:

>The idea being that this will allow invoking (non-testcase) programs with
>arguments, like:

I haven't thought about this use case before, but it sounds good to me. :)

>./ -i iconv/iconv_prog -f ASCII -t UTF-8 ascii.txt

I think we might need some sort of coordination between the optional
arguments to and these arguments to the program being tested.
Otherwise, the position of arguments such as "-e ENVVAR=VALUE" might break
this new use case.

For instance, currently, it doesn't matter if the optional arguments are
passed before or after the path to the test case, so, both:

./ -b pthread_join nptl/tst-exec1
./ nptl/tst-exec1 -b pthread_join


>       TESTCASE=$$1
>+      COMMANDLINE="$$@"
>+      break
>       ;;

With this suggested change, that would no longer work, which is not
necessarily a problem, but caught my attention.

>+    --)
>+      shift
>+      TESTCASE=$$1
>+      COMMANDLINE="$$@"
>+      break
>+      ;;
>     *)

This option, on the other hand, has no conflicts with the current
behavior, but it would need some documentation in the --help message.

>I don't necessarily want this patch to go through more versions. It
>already adds value and I think it's ready to go in today. Just wanted to
>enable another usecase. Perhaps we can discuss it once the current
>version is in.

Since you already wrote the diff, would you also like to write the commit
message and send it as a patch?


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