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Re: Incorrect days of the week in ru_UA locale

27.09.2019 17:24 Mikhail Gribanov <> wrote:
> Hi, sorry if I wrote the wrong way, I did not find who to contact to
> fix this problem.

Bugzilla [1] seems to be the best place but here it is equally good.
After all, your voice is being heard.

> Preamble: Many linux distributions use the wrong day of the week in
> ru_UA locale and close my bug reports because of "out of scope". After
> some searching I managed to find out that localization is taken from
> glibc. I hope you can help me (or send to the right place).


> Problem: In ru_UA locale for days of the week the abbreviation with
> three letters is used, which is incorrect: "Пнд", "Вто", "Срд"...
> Solution/Fix: Use two-letter abbreviations:"Пн", "Вт", "Ср", "Чт",
> "Пт", "Сб", "Вс". You can also just copy days of the week from ru_RU
> locale where are they represented correctly.
> Thank you for your time.

Thank you for spotting a reporting the problem.

Indeed, ru_RU provides two-letter abbreviations as you quoted
while CLDR [2] provides the same but says they should start with
lowercase letters.  But the lowercase/uppercase issue is always
controversial in the languages where names of weekdays and months
do not start with an uppercase letter by default and no solution
is perfect so I assume that it's better to leave it uppercase,
as it is now.

When you said "copy days of the week from ru_RU" probably you meant
literally copy and paste, but given that there are almost no differences
in LC_TIME between ru_RU and ru_UA we can also use “copy "ru_RU"”
in LC_TIME in ru_UA.  Please note that it is impossible to copy part
of the section and impossible to modify it, either copy whole section
as it is or keep two separate copies.

There is only one other difference between ru_RU and ru_UK:
in ru_RU ab_alt_mon (abbreviated month names in nominative case)
begin with a lowercase letter while in ru_UK they begin with an
uppercase.  Is it OK to unify them?  Uppercase looks better for me
in this case, OK to make it uppercase, that is copy ab_alt_mon
from ru_UK to ru_RU?

If you are curious where to see ab_alt_mon in real applications
the answer is: in calendar headers (if they are abbreviated).
Never in full date formats.




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