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Re: [PATCH] Script to generate ChangeLog-like output from git log

On 20/09/19 9:50 AM, Gabriel F. T. Gomes wrote:
> Thank you so much for doing this.  The patch looks good to me, although I
> think it would be a little bit better to use the commit date, instead of
> the author date, because it would make the order of the commits look a bit
> more sane and it would more closely resemble what we have today.
> To achieve this, you could apply the following patch on top of yours.
> If you think that's nice, you have my OK to commit it with the change. If
> you would prefer to have the Author Date in the ChangeLog output, I'm also
> OK with it!  Thanks again!

Thanks, that is perfect, I've added it in and committed it.

>> +        # Consume everything up to the ending brace of the function.
>> +        (cur, loc) = self.fast_forward_scope(cur, op, loc)
> Neat!  I run this with extra printfs in the code, and notice that the
> whole function implementation goes into the 'contents' field, which can
> later be compared by 'compare_trees'.

Yeah there's some cool stuff we can do with this, maybe some static
analysis on diffs to do some simple checks on the changed code.  In a
way, ChangeLog generation is sort of a stepping stone to this.


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