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Re: [PATCH v7 0/3] y2038: Linux: Introduce __clock_settime64 function

On Wed, 18 Sep 2019, Alistair Francis wrote:

> +#include <endian.h>
>  /* POSIX.1b structure for a time value.  This is like a `struct timeval' but
>     has nanoseconds instead of microseconds.  */
>  struct timespec
>  {
>    __time_t tv_sec;             /* Seconds.  */
> +#if __WORDSIZE == 64 \
> +  || (defined __SYSCALL_WORDSIZE && __SYSCALL_WORDSIZE == 64)
>    __syscall_slong_t tv_nsec;   /* Nanoseconds.  */
> +#else
> +  __int32_t tv_pad;           /* Padding */
> +  __syscall_slong_t tv_nsec;  /* Nanoseconds */
> +# else
> +  __int32_t tv_nsec;          /* Nanoseconds */
> +  __syscall_slong_t tv_pad;   /* Padding */
> +# endif
> +#endif

The padding must be an *unnamed bit-field* so that { tv_sec, tv_nsec } 
initializers (common in practice even if not officially supported by the 
standards) continue to work.  Also, I think you should just use "long int" 
for tv_nsec in the case where there is padding, as the standard-defined 
type (and then the padding can be "int: 32", so avoiding any dependence on 
whether compilers support non-int bit-fields).  Certainly the choice of 
types for tv_nsec and padding should not depend on the endianness (the 
patch above is using __int32_t for the first field and __syscall_slong_t 
for the second, regardless of which is tv_nsec and which is padding).

There are namespace issues when changing installed headers.  You can't use 
macros such as BYTE_ORDER or BIG_ENDIAN because they aren't in the 
standard-reserved namespaces.

Unfortunately the definitions of __LITTLE_ENDIAN and __BIG_ENDIAN are in 
<endian.h> (__BYTE_ORDER is in the architecture-specific <bits/endian.h>), 
and while the non-reserved names therein are all conditional on 
__USE_MISC, I don't think we really want to start exporting them from 
every header that uses struct timespec.  My inclination would be to have a 
separate bits/ header that only defines the __LITTLE_ENDIAN / __BIG_ENDIAN 
/ __PDP_ENDIAN macros (or that defines those and includes the 
architecture-specific header for __BYTE_ORDER), so that other headers can 
test endianness without bringing in all the other __USE_MISC 
endian-related macros from <endian.h>, but Zack might advise on how such 
changes would fit into his header cleanups.

Joseph S. Myers

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