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Re: [RFC PATCH 00/11] Library OS support

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019, Isaku Yamahata wrote:

> This patch is to add Library OS(LibOS in short) to glibc.
> This is the first version of patch series to support LibOS.

I don't see anything here about host triplets being used.  I'd expect 
x86_64-*-libos or similar (with consequent config.sub changes being 
submitted to GNU config.git) but there's nothing to indicate that, and the 
patch series is lacking documentation (NEWS, install.texi / regeneration 
of INSTALL, other .texi files if applicable).  I'd also expect any new OS 
to have appropriate additions to  There are a great 
many complications specific to existing GNU/Linux ABIs that ought to be 
irrelevant in this case (compat support for old symbol versions, 
enable-kernel support for different minimum kernel versions, etc.).

Given the modification of generic files, you should verify that installed 
stripped shared libraries for e.g. x86_64-linux-gnu are byte-for-byte 
identical before and after the patch (or justify them not being so if they 
aren't identical - I'd expect justifications of the form "this file has 
line numbers in assertions that change").

There should not be any __x86_64__ conditionals in generic files; the 
sysdeps structure should be used as appropriate instead.

Joseph S. Myers

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