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Re: [PATCH] locale/ Greek -> ASCII transliteration table [BZ #12031]


To be super clear, this patch is for _Greek_ transliteration [BZ #12031] for the C Locale.

It has nothing to do with Bulgarian Cyrillic. 

Looks like the mention of the other already patched bug led to a confusion. Please just disregard that mention going forward.

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On Thursday, September 5, 2019 11:44 AM, Roumen Petrov <> wrote:

> Hello,

> Diego (Egor) Kobylkin wrote:

> > Dear locale maintainers,
> > fix the glibc bug 12031 "iconv -t ascii//translit with Greek characters" [1]
> > add Greek transliteration rows to locale/
> > This work is done on the heels of the successfully committed patch for the
> > virtually the same bug [BZ #2872] but concerning Cyrillic characters. [2]

> Transliteration is mostly locale dependent.

> Proposed cyrilic map does not match current Bulgarian act -
> . I cannot remember
> what is difference to the previous one dated 70 years ago.

> [SNIP]

> Regards,
> Roumen Petrov

Egor Kobylkin

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