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Re: providing __tls_get_addr on s390?

On 8/31/19 4:28 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
On 8/31/19 10:10 AM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
Dear all,

I have noticed that GCC recently started to use the
__tls_get_addr_internal symbol on s390 [1]. This is probably a bad
idea to use an internal libc symbol outside of the libc as it can be
modified or removed at anytime.

That said, I also noticed that s390 is (one of the) only architectures
which doesn't provide __tls_get_addr. Is there a reason for that? Is it
something that we should fix?


Is there any reason s390 doesn't implement __tls_get_addr like other arches?
It's always easier if all the machines support the same generic infrastructure.
The lack of __tls_get_addr on s390 forces the D language runtime to have
Z Series specific code to handle TLS calculations :-(

According to the s390 specific "ELF Handling for Thread-Local-Storage" parts: The s390 ABI is defined to use the __tls_get_offset function instead of the __tls_get_addr function used in other ABIs. The prototype is:
unsigned long int __tls_get_offset (unsigned long int offset);

The function has a second, hidden parameter. The caller needs to set up the GOT register %r12 to contain the address of the global offset table of the caller’s module. The offset parameter, when added to the value of the GOT register, yields the address of a tls_index structure located in the caller’s global offset table.

The return value of __tls_get_offset is an offset to the thread pointer. To get the address of the requested variable the thread pointer needs to be added to the return value. The use of __tls_get_offset might seem more complicated than the standard __tls_get_addr but for s390 the use of tls get offset allows for better code sequences.

The D-language runtime should be fixed and use __tls_get_offset instead of __tls_get_addr_internal@GLIBC_PRIVATE on s390x/s390. __tls_get_offset internally computes the address of the tls_index struct and then calls the not exported __tls_get_addr function. But as __tls_get_offset assumes that the tls_index struct is located in the GOT of the caller, it just adds r12 (=GOT-pointer) to the provided offset in order to get the address to tls_index struct.

As Florian Weimer has already mentioned in the offset could be prepared. Usually r12 is setup by the compiler for cross-module calls. It is a call-saved register and is not modified by the PLT code.


The D-language runtime encodes a ton of TLS-specific implementation details
and one of them is accessing TLS details.

This can be seen as a failing of glibc to provide a generic low-level TLS
interface for language runtimes. There aren't enough details spelled out
to make it easy to provide TLS details to the runtime.

Either way, *no* language runtime should be using GLIBC_PRIVATE symbols.
Could you please file a bug for that? If they need access they should do
so through the appropriate API e.g. __tls_get_addr which is a standard
API with specified semantics.

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