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Re: [musl] time64 abi choices for glibc and musl

On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 01:58:08PM -0400, Rich Felker wrote:
> Note: this email is to glibc list and particularly seeking feedback
> from glibc folks, but CC'd to musl list as well.
> As far as I can tell, most time64 work/discussion on the glibc side so
> far has been about implementation mechanisms and symbol-binding ABI
> aspects, and one aspect that doesn't seem to have been addressed is
> making good choices about the actual types involved. Some of them have
> been done:
> struct timespec (endian-matching padding)
> struct timeval (64-bit suseconds_t)
> struct itimerspec, itimerval, utimbuf, timeb (obvious definitions)
> but I haven't seen a clear proposal with rationale for the choices in
> defining:
> struct stat
> struct msqid_ds, semid_ds, shmid_ds (sysvipc)
> struct rusage
> struct timex
> struct utmp[x]
> [...]

The wiki at
does not seem to cover any of this issue, and the two branch links
that should shed light on the types seem to be down/deleted:;a=log;h=refs/heads/aaribaud/y2038-2.26;a=log;h=refs/heads/aaribaud/y2038-2.26-rfc-2

I'm guessing the following is the current one that should be linked
instead, no?;a=log;h=refs/heads/aaribaud/y2038


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