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Re: [PATCH] locale: Add LOCPATH diagnostics to the locale program

On 4/23/19 5:57 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Tue, 23 Apr 2019, Florian Weimer wrote:

diff --git a/locale/Makefile b/locale/Makefile
index 764e751c36..6822b795dd 100644
--- a/locale/Makefile
+++ b/locale/Makefile
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ routines	= setlocale findlocale loadlocale loadarchive \
  		  localeconv nl_langinfo nl_langinfo_l mb_cur_max \
  		  newlocale duplocale freelocale uselocale
  tests		= tst-C-locale tst-locname tst-duplocale
+tests-special	= $(objpfx)tst-locale-locpath.out
  categories	= ctype messages monetary numeric time paper name \
  		  address telephone measurement identification collate
  aux		= $(categories:%=lc-%) $(categories:%=C-%) SYS_libc C_name \
@@ -107,3 +108,7 @@ cpp-srcs-left := $(localedef-modules) $(localedef-aux) $(locale-modules) \
  lib := locale-programs
  include $(patsubst %,$(..),$(cpp-srcs-left))
+$(objpfx)tst-locale-locpath.out : $(objpfx)locale
+	$(SHELL) $< '$(common-objpfx)' '$(test-wrapper)' '$(test-wrapper-env)' > $@; \
+	$(evaluate-test)

This is missing run-built-tests conditionals so wrongly tries to run the
test unconditionally for cross-compilation.

I'll watch for that in future reviews.

Thanks for catching this.


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