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Re: [PATCH 01/28] powerpc: Use generic fabs{f} implementations

On Wed, Apr 03 2019, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> On 02/04/2019 03:04, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > On Fri, 29 Mar 2019, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> > 
> >> Since be2e25bbd78f9fdf the generic ieee754 implementation uses
> >> compiler builtin which generates fabs{f} for all supported targets.
> > 
> > One reason for the existing version might be a microoptimization for code 
> > size to make the float and double versions aliases, as permitted by the 
> > ABIs and instruction set in this case.  (This is not an objection to this 
> > patch.)
> > 
> Indeed powerpc does such microoptimizations for some implementations, but

The code generated by these functions is as follows (on powerpc64le):

Before the patch:
000000000004dac0 <fabs>:
   4dac0:       0e 00 4c 3c     addis   r2,r12,14
   4dac4:       40 9b 42 38     addi    r2,r2,-25792
   4dac8:       10 0a 20 fc     fabs    f1,f1
   4dacc:       20 00 80 4e     blr

After the patch:
000000000004dac0 <fabs>:
   4dac0:       10 0a 20 fc     fabs    f1,f1
   4dac4:       20 00 80 4e     blr

(this is true when --enable-stack-protector is not in use, or when it is
set to strong, as is the case for the distros I checked (Debian, Fedora
and OpenSuse); when set to all, there would be a lot more differences
before and after the patch, as the assembly implementation wouldn't get
stack protection code, but that's not a problem, imo).

(also, the absence of the TOC-setup code is fine, as the function does
not need anything from the TOC).

> if the idea is indeed to push such optimizations couldn't add on generic
> implementation though a flag defined in arch-specific headers?

Given the size of these functions, I believe that this is not worth the
effort, and I believe this patch is OK as is.

Reviewed-by: Gabriel F. T. Gomes <>

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