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Re: __cxa_finalize/__dso_handle contract

On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 01:04:14PM -0700, Petr Hosek wrote:
> I'm working on crtbegin.o/crtend.o implementation for compiler-rt as
> part of the LLVM project (see for more
> details).
> One suggestions that was raised in the review
> ( is to stop differentiating
> between the shared and non-shared case (i.e. no crtbeginS.o) and
> instead use the same object for both cases. The implication of this
> change is that we would use
> void *__dso_handle = &__dso_handle;
> instead of
> void *__dso_handle = (void *)0;
> for the non-shared case. I've checked different libc implementations,
> and AFAICT glibc is the only one that differentiates between the two
> cases in its __cxa_finalize implementation.
> In glibc's __cxa_finalize(void *d), a nonzero d has to match the value
> passed to __cxa_atexit but a zero d matches every function registered.
> So it matters that DSO fini calls use &__dso_handle to match their
> registrations for the dlclose case, but it also matters that the main
> executable fini call (i.e. exit itself, and resp. for quick_exit) use
> zero to run all the dtors at exit time.
> However, it's not clear whether it needs to be that way, because DSO
> fini should run at exit time too, but it would be a change of how the
> dtors get run that might affect dtor order in some cases.
> So my question is whether the dtor order is something that glibc users
> should rely on or whether this is considered (an unsupported) corner
> case and whether the suggested change to always use nonzero d even for
> main executable would break the existing contract between __dso_handle
> and __cxa_finalize for glibc?

There's no reason fixing this needs to result in any change in
behavior. Instead of just special-casing a null pointer, glibc could
special-case "null pointer or address in the range of the main
program's mapping".

There may however be versioning issues fixing this with respect to
version mismatch between components.


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