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Re: [PATCH v4 1/5] ldbl-opt: Add arpg_error and argp_failure (bug 23983)

s/arpg_error/argp_error/ in the subject.

OK with that change.  This is on the basis that, while this patch is 
missing additions to libnldbl_nonshared.a, that library probably isn't 
useful (it's for the case of -mlong-double-64 with compilers not 
supporting asm redirection, but there is evidence that case has been 
broken for a long time) and so isn't worth adding additional exports 
solely for its use (it would require va_list versions of the new functions 
to be exported, much like __nldbl___vstrfmon and __nldbl___vstrfmon_l 
exist even though there is no normal public vstrfmon interface).

We should perhaps consider removing support for libnldbl_nonshared.a and 
officially requiring asm redirection support for any compiler used with 
glibc for configurations with more than one long double format (or more 
generally for any compiler used with glibc headers at all), but that 
should not be a requirement for these patches.

Joseph S. Myers

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