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Re: [PATCH 3/7] wcsmbs: optimize wcscat

Joseph Myers <> writes:

> A recent patch, probably this one, has introduced linknamespace test 
> failures for powerpc (32-bit, --with-cpu=power4), as shown with 
> for powerpc-linux-gnu-power4.
> FAIL: conform/POSIX/fnmatch.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/POSIX/glob.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/POSIX/wordexp.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG4/fnmatch.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG4/glob.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG4/wordexp.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG42/fnmatch.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG42/glob.h/linknamespace
> FAIL: conform/XPG42/wordexp.h/linknamespace
> [initial] wordexp -> [libc.a(wordexp.o)] fnmatch -> [libc.a(fnmatch.o)] __wcscat -> [libc.a(wcscat.o)] __wcscpy -> [libc.a(wcscpy.o)] wcscpy

I can reproduce this issue with powerpc[|64|64le] too, using different values
for --with-cpu.

There is also a build failure when using --disable-multi-arch:

vpath/libc_pic.os: In function `__wcscat':
build/wcsmbs/wcscat.c:29: undefined reference to `__GI___wcscpy'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Tulio Magno

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