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Re: [PATCH] Fix location where math-vector-fortran.h is installed.

* Martin Liška:

> On 2/26/19 7:05 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
>> On Tue, 26 Feb 2019, Martin Liška wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> This is follow up patch where I fix location where the header
>>> is installed. I made a type as I was copying & pasting.
>> It's not clear to me that we want to add a top-level finclude/ directory 
>> in the glibc source tree.  Would math/finclude/ work just as well as a 
>> source tree location for this file?
> Yes, I can confirm math/finclude work as well.
> May I install the patch?

This causes test suite failures for me:


In file included from /tmp/cih_test_C67G81.c:8:
../sysdeps/x86/fpu/finclude/math-vector-fortran.h:1:1: error: expected identifie
r or ‘(’ before ‘!’ token
 ! Platform-specific declarations of SIMD math functions for Fortran. -*- f90 -*


error: missing wrapper header include/finclude/math-vector-fortran.h for math/finclude/math-vector-fortran.h

I think we need to whitelist this in multiple places.  It is unfortunate
that Fortran headers use .h like C headers.

Is the finclude/ prefix standardized?


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