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Re: [PATCH] m68k: fix clobbering a5 in setjmp() [BZ #24202]

On 24 Feb 2019, Florian Weimer uttered the following:

>> setjmp() uses C code to store current registers into jmp_buf
>> environment. -fstack-protector-all places canary into setjmp()
>> prologue and clobbers 'a5' before it gets saved.
>> The change inhibits stack canary injection to avoid clobber.
>> 	[BZ #24202]
>> 	* sysdeps/m68k/setjmp.c (*setjmp): Use
>> 	inhibit_stack_protector.
> The code is still invalid.  The C compiler can still clobber any
> register it wants.  So this does not actually fix the bug.  But I think
> it's an incremental improvement.

I'd say it's in the same state as pthread_cond_wait() et al were in on
i386 before 7a25d6a84df9fea56963569ceccaaf7c2a88f161: works with the
compiler as it is now, by sheer good fortune.

To me this feels like code that can't really be written in C safely, but
it's so arch-dependent that having it depend on the compiler not
emitting anything else in the prologue is probably not *too* likely to
break. But we should probably add the reproducer for this to glibc's
'make check' to stop it regressing again.

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