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Re: 2 resolv tests timing out consistently

* Zack Weinberg:

> resolv/tst-bug18665 and resolv/tst-resolv-search are consistently
> failing for me on my development workstation, which is x86-64 running
> Debian unstable.  The .out files both say the same thing:
> warning: could not become root outside namespace (Operation not permitted)
> warning: unshare (CLONE_NEWUTS) failed: Operation not permitted
> warning: could not enter network namespace
> Timed out: killed the child process
> Termination time: 2019-02-18T21:46:18.136967
> Last write to standard output: 2019-02-18T21:45:58.133916
> (Debian's default kernel configuration doesn't permit unprivileged
> users to use CLONE_NEWUSER; I think the rest of the warnings are
> fallout from that.)
> I don't see anything in either test program that should take a long
> time, or actually _require_ the user/network namespace.  Any ideas?

The network namespace has the side effect of disabling iptables for that
namespace, in particular connection tracking.  It is possible that you
run into a state table overflow.  Check for kernel error messages.

It may be possible to work around that by exempting lo-to-lo traffic
from connection tracking.

Some other tests run into kernel bugs where the kernel does not generate
ICMP messages, but the tests you mentioned are not of these types.


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