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Re: Changes to "Contribution Checklist" -- Format of the contribution.

On 2/14/19 4:58 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Carlos O'Donell:
>> I would like to propose that the "Contribution Checklist"
>> tell first time developers to send a 'git format-patch'
>> file or inlined text to the list for patch review instead
>> of a split patch and distinct ChangeLog.
> I would like to see the actual wording.

OK, I just went ahead and made *all* the changes I wanted to
make and put them into the streamlined v2 version of the
contribution checklist. I expect that when we fix ChangeLog
generation we can easily edit just "Properly Formatted GNU ChangeLog"
which is the only place that references ChangeLogs.


- Shorter. All version specific information moved out to
  "Legacy Contributions" page.
- Streamlined. Steps in order of relevance and patch creation
- Focus on getting full patches via `git format-patch` from
  developers, and thus making review easy.
- Suggest use of 8< to split discussion from patch
  (see git-mailinfo).
- Fixed up any old information.


Reviewed and updated:


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