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Re: [PATCH v3 1/2] mtrace: record backtrace of memory allocation/deallocation

On 2/11/19 10:58 PM, Kyeong Yoo wrote:
> When a memory leak is detected by mtrace, it is still difficult
> to identify the exact source code causing that issue if the program
> uses libraries or common functions.
> Now a backtrace of the calling functions for memory allocation and
> deallocation is also recorded. This new backtrace is displayed in
> a separate line with '#' prefix prior to the original trace record
> with '@' prefix.
> This extra backtrace is turned off by default and only turned on
> if valid number is set to the environment variable MALLOC_TRACE_LEVEL.
> Valid value in MALLOC_TRACE_LEVEL is between 1 and 15, which indicates
> the maximum number of recent function calls to display.
> The companion script is also updated to parse backtrace info.
> And a new command argument "Maps" is added to, which should
> be a copy of the program's maps file ("/proc/PID/maps"). This helps
> to interpret addresses from shared libraries.
> Also to make mtrace useful when analysing mtrace output for
> cross-compiled binary, two new command options are added:
> --solib-path=PATH and --addr2line=CMD.

Thank you very much for working on this feature.

Do you have copyright assignment with the FSF?

Please see the "Contribution Checklist"


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