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Re: Fix -Wempty-body warnings in glibc

On Thu, Feb 07 2019, Joseph Myers wrote:
> This patch fixes such warnings in glibc.  There's one place, with a
> semicolon at the end of a comment, where this is clearly making the
> presence of an 'else' body more visible.  The other cases involve
> macro definitions expanding to nothing.  While there's no issue there
> with visibility at the call sites, I think it's still cleaner to have
> a macro that expands to something nonempty appropriate for the context
> - so do {} while (0) if it's only intended to be usable as a
> statement, or ((void) 0) where the macro definition is an alternative
> to a call to a function returning void, so this patch makes those
> changes.

I agree that the readability of the code is already good enough at the
call sites, and that adding braces to them wouldn't make it better.

Your patch looks good to me.

> -		/* Simply ignore the backslash character.  */;
> +		{
> +		  /* Simply ignore the backslash character.  */
> +		}

OK.  We don't just remove the else block entirely because we want the

> -#  define STAP_PROBE0()
> -#  define STAP_PROBE1(a1)
> -#  define STAP_PROBE2(a1, a2)
> -#  define STAP_PROBE3(a1, a2, a3)
> -#  define STAP_PROBE4(a1, a2, a3, a4)
> +#  define STAP_PROBE0()				do {} while (0)
> +#  define STAP_PROBE1(a1)			do {} while (0)
> +#  define STAP_PROBE2(a1, a2)			do {} while (0)
> +#  define STAP_PROBE3(a1, a2, a3)		do {} while (0)
> +#  define STAP_PROBE4(a1, a2, a3, a4)		do {} while (0)


> -#define _IO_funlockfile(_fp) /**/
> +#define _IO_funlockfile(_fp) ((void) 0)

In the call sites, such as in _IO_acquire_lock_fct (libio/libioP.h),
'_IO_funlockfile (foo);' was getting expanded to '/**/;', thus causing
the warning.

I think your change maintains the nice readability of the code at the
call sites, so it looks good to me.

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