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Re: [PATCH v12] Locales: Cyrillic -> ASCII transliteration [BZ #2872]

On 05.01.19 15:35, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
2.01.2019 19:38 Egor Kobylkin <> wrote:

Changelog v12:

Changelog v11:
* Re-targeted the patch against locale/ as the proper
file for the ASCII translit table.
* Correspondingly the patch now only contains the additional
Cyrillic-ASCII strings in the format of locale/ table.
The 'include "translit_cyrillic";""' directives are not necessary in the
locale files and they are now all left intact.
* Also the file translit_cyrillic is not longer needed and is omitted.
* Edited below email, commit message.

I have tested this and, unfortunately, now this transliteration
works *only* in C locale, that is, only when no locale is set or when
it is explicitly set to C (C.UTF8, POSIX).  It does not work when locale
is set to anything different, including en_US, ru_RU, etc.

I'm sorry for confusing you.  I think that either we should revert back
to the older versions of your patch to make all locales supported or
merge those two versions to make the transliteration work both in
C and in all (almost all) other locales.  Unfortunately, C locale is
not a base for all other locales and is not included, it is only a fallback
when a locale does not provide its own data (that is, when it does not
provide any transliteration table at all).

Good catch! Should we maybe split this into two patches, one for C and the other for "country" locales? They have different codes and functionality so it looks like it would be easier to keep focus.

My understanding is that locale/ is still the proper locale for the sole ASCII translit table. It is also the only solution for many use cases where there is no locale available (not compiled or not set). "Country" locales in localedata/locales/ can then have the exact same translit table included or they can have any other flavor - I don't see a problem here.

Best regards,

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