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[PATCH] S390: Refactor ifunc handling

This patch series is mainly refactoring the s390 specific ifunc handling.
The idea is to omit ifunc variants or ifunc at all if the used compile
options are already building for newer cpus. The glibc internal calls
and will then use "newer" ifunc variants as before.

In case of the memcpy, memset and memcmp functions, the newest ifunc variant
is for z196 and there are two further ones for older cpus, but the current usual
compile options are e.g. building for zEC12.
In case of the string / wcsmbs functions, there are variants for z13 and
"before z13".  After switching to z13 as default cpu level, there won't
be IFUNC symbols in s390

Furthermore new z13 specific ifunc variants are introduced for
memmove, strstr and memmem.

Some functions like the mem* functions are duplicated twice for 31 and 64 bit.
In fact they are nearly the same. Thus those implementations are now unified
and adjusted in order to be usable for 31 and 64bit.

I've build and tested these patches with different -march levels
and with / without multiarch and checked the symbols with readelf - e.g. if
IFUNC is used or not and if the __GI_ symbols are targeting the correct
ifunc variant.

If no one objects, I plan to commit this series in the next one or two weeks.

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