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Re: x86-64 prelink support for TLS dialect gnu2

On 05/11/2018, Szabolcs Nagy <> wrote:
> On 05/11/18 16:21, Steven Newbury wrote:
>> I'm working on gettting TLS gnu2 dialect support working for x86-64
>> with prelink.  Yes, it's still maintained, see:
> prelinking for tlsdesc was never supported in
> on any target.
> at some point arm had support in case of lazy binding,
> but now lazy binding of tlsdesc is disabled on arm
> so that code got removed:
I've been comparing the removed code to what is currently in the
x86_64 dl-machine.h and it's almost identical, which makes sense since
x86_64 still supports lazy binding of tlsdesc AFAIK.  The only notable
difference that I see is:

Removed ARM support code

-  if (l->l_info[ADDRIDX (DT_TLSDESC_GOT)] && lazy)
-    *(Elf32_Addr*)(D_PTR (l, l_info[ADDRIDX (DT_TLSDESC_GOT)]) + l->l_addr)
-      = (Elf32_Addr) &_dl_tlsdesc_lazy_resolver;

Currently in x86_64

  if (l->l_info[ADDRIDX (DT_TLSDESC_GOT)] && lazy)
    *(ElfW(Addr)*)(D_PTR (l, l_info[ADDRIDX (DT_TLSDESC_GOT)]) + l->l_addr)
      = (ElfW(Addr)) &_dl_tlsdesc_resolve_rela;

Am I looking in the right place?

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