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Re: V6 [PATCH] x86: Add <sys/platform/x86.h>

On 10/26/18 1:16 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * H. J. Lu:
>> /* CPU_FEATURE_USABLE evaluates to true if the feature is usable.  */
>>  #define CPU_FEATURE_USABLE(name)                                  \
>>    ((need_arch_feature_##name                                      \
>>      && (x86_get_arch_feature (index_arch_##name##_Usable)         \
>>    & (bit_arch_##name##_Usable)) != 0)                             \
>>     || (!need_arch_feature_##name 	                           \
>>         && (x86_get_cpuid_registers (index_cpu_##name)->reg_##name \
>> 	    & (bit_cpu_##name)) != 0))
> I still think this is wrong.  This should be a const function, with a
> single argument, returning bool, so that we do not expose the internal
> implementation.  It will also be possible to use this function from Ada,
> Fortran, and so on.  This is not possible with a preprocessor macro.

I think this is the key sticking point for consensus.

We should iterate over this as a success criteria for that discussion.

This isn't the first objection to macros.

In July I also objected.
> /* HAS_* evaluates to true if we may use the feature at runtime.  */
> #define HAS_CPU_FEATURE(name) \
>    ((__x86_get_cpuid_registers (index_cpu_##name)->reg_##name \
>      & (bit_cpu_##name)) != 0)

I don't like these as macros.

I would rather an inline function that does all the work within the function
and returns a result of the appropriate type e.g. boolean.

Please expand on the benefits of this being a macro.

We need to see these benefits to move from a position
where we have sustained objections to a macro API, to one where
we might object to the macros but understand that they are perhaps
the best compromise given your expanded description.

Is there a serious performance implication?


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