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Re: Propose requiring Python 3.4 or later for building glibc.

This proposal is to being circulated to all the distribution
maintainers to gain their acceptance surrounding the use of
python 3.4 or greater for building glibc.

There has been concern expressed that requiring python 3.4
or greater for the bootstrap process will add an additional
tool the the bootstrap, and specifically a tool that may not
be available on older distributions.

Python is already mostly available for distributions because
of the integration into key OS components. Python can be
built on older distributions, and on older distributions you
already have to build a lot of things to compile glibc (like
a newer gcc, and binutils).

The question today is:

* Is it OK to require python 3.4 or later to build glibc?


This proposal will make things more difficult for Linux From Scratch. We build a system from a host in two phases. In the first phase we build all tools needed from the host and the final system inside a chroot environment using those tools. This process is designed to use cross-compilation techniques to isolate the new system from the host.

glibc is the first major package built in the final system so this proposal requires us to add python-3.x (the latest stable version) into the tools needed for the final build.

This is probably OK but please do not use any capabilities included in python modules that are not in the base python package as that will make our task even more complex.

  -- Bruce Dubbs

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